Friday, 2 December 2016

English Unit 1 Grade 7

Unit 1
Formal - following social customs and accepted ways of behaving.
Colleagues - people you work with
Gestures - a movement of hands, arms or head to express.

Use of English (Modal verbs)
Asking for some advice:
Should I take off my shoes?
You should take off your shoes.

Can I use your table?
Could I use your phone, please?

Offering to do something:
Can I help you?

Can you pass me the salt?
May I have some water, please?

1) You want to know whether or not to take off your shoes before you go into the house.
A) Should I take off my shoes off?
B) I don't need to take my shoes off do I?
C) Do you want me to take my shoes off?

2) Your mobile phone has ran out of battery and you want to use the landline.
A) I need to make a phone call, where's the phone?
B) Could I use the phone please?
C) Can I use the phone?

3) You are about to have dinner but you don't know where to sit.
A) Where would you like me to sit?
B) Where should I sit?
C) I'll sit here shall I?

4) Your friend's parents are in the kitchen preparing a meal.
A) I am really hungry!
B) Need any help?
C) May I help you?

5) Your friend is coughing and can't stop.
A) Would you like a glass of water.
B) You should drink some water.
C) Be quiet!

1) A
2) B
3) A
4) C
5) 3